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Begegnung und Dasein in bewegten Zeiten
- bleibt alles anders?

How can Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) be an enrichment for Play Therapy?

The translation of Play Therapy into EFT concepts likely adds value to the praxis of Play Therapy due to an elaborated micro-process framework for therapeutic interventions.

The core idea of Emotion Focused Therapy is that emotions are primary adaptive and act as a guiding compass that tells us what we need in certain situations. In this empirically supported treatment clients are helped in a systematic and flexible way to become more aware of their emotions and to use those in a more productive way. However EFT is mostly elaborated for therapeutic work with adults.

In the first part of this workshop (in English), an overview will be given of the different core elements of EFT and how they can be translated into Play Therapy. First we will explain how emotions are essential in life and how they can be accessed through play. Therefore the different elements of the emotion scheme as elaborated by Elliot, Watson, Goldman and Greenberg (2003) will be illustrated with play vignettes. Secondly an overview will be given of the micro-process goals and how they can be achieved with the help of specific process-directive therapeutic interventions. These elements are the foundation of a possible micro-process framework for Play Therapy.

Olivier Givron - Child- and youth psychotherapist - Certified Practitioner Psychodrama - Emotion Focused Therapist (Level 2) - Co-coordinator and co-trainer at the Postgraduate Integrative Psychotherapy of the University of Antwerp (Belgium).